About Us

Mark Endacott

Graduated in 2000 from Brighton university. He then spent 2 years working at Ipswich Hospital before joining Ipswich Town Football Club. Following 9 years @ITFC working initially with the Academy and for the last 5 years with the first team squad, Mark gained valuable experience in dealing with sports injuries and rehabilitation at all levels.

During this time he became fascinated in he role “posture” has with recurrent problems which led him to train in a postural correction technique known as “Structural Integration”. At any level whether it be from habitually sitting at a desk at work , picking up small or “large” children or playing a sport regularly, the body will respond by reinforcing these postures by laying down a strong connective tissue called fascia.

This allows you to hold these positions/postures with less muscular effort but prevents you from returning to a neutral more natural position when you wish to do so and over time this can cause irritation or pain as well as poor posture. This as an adjunct to Physiotherapy gives great insight into the structural cause of more long standing issues as well as a treatment process to reverse them.

Julia Endacott

Julia is passionate about sharing her knowledge to empower her clients to find their own postural and movement solutions. She is known for her sense of fun whilst offering a scientific and holistic perspective to the work of Joseph Pilates. “It is the mind which builds the body” J Pilates; Julia aims to help you get “in tune” with your body concentrating on proper alignment and smooth movement.

Regular classes and private sessions using a unique system developed by Julia through over 10 years of practise and study. The aim is to give balanced strength and flexibility, improving co-ordination and posture. The classes are surprisingly relaxing and revitalising, gentle enough in pregnancy yet challenging for the super-fit – suitable for everyone regardless of age or condition. Modified pilates trains the whole body – muscles are evenly conditioned helping you to move with more efficiency and reducing risk of injury.

Julia holds numerous awards and qualifications. She trained with Polestar Pilates in 2000/1 and is committed to developing her skills both as a leading women’s health physiotherapist and pilates instructor.

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