• Post operative rehabilitation
  • Conservative rehabilitation (without surgery)
  • Functional ability
  • Pain

Patients who have opted for surgery have generally reached the decision as they

  • Have pain that prevents them from living a normal life.
  • No longer functionally able to do what is important to them.

Your rehabilitation process is best started before your operation as this enables us to ensure you:

  • Fully prepared for your surgery and know exactly what to expect.
  • Understand the stages of post operative rehabilitation that is involved following your surgery

This is very important as patients tell me this allows them to positively approach their surgery knowing they already have a plan in place to ensure the best chance of achieving a successful outcome and achieving their goals.

Conservative management:
In situations where you may have decided you don’t want to go through with the surgical option, or there is a reason why surgery is not an option… there is always something proactive that can be done.

A rehabilitation plan would be aimed initially at what is effecting you most and a series of treatment options (which we will discuss) will be available to you.

We will then devise a series of time related goals for us to assess your progress and review these regularly to ensure you are achieving what you’d hoped to, in the timeframe we have set. This allows for a positive outlook when having to deal with something that is negatively effecting your daily life.

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