“Thank you Mark for all your help.”, Frances

"I have been seeing Mark on a regular basis for over fifteen months. I had Polio during my childhood and now have Post Polio Syndrome, a condition caused by the late effects of Polio. The problems are fatigue, further weakness and pain caused by stiffness in my muscles and joints. When I first came to Mark, my shoulder was very painful and any movement was difficult. Others had given up on improving this situation. Mark was optimistic and positive about a good outcome and sure enough after his treatments the shoulder moved! The usual physiotherapy given these days does not always work for me. I need someone who listens and respects my lifetime experience of polio, who is skilled and therefore able to try different techniques to help me and, most importantly, someone who is able to give me the time to deal with my many physical problems. Mark fits the bill in every respect! Thank you Mark for all your help."

“Physiotherapy sessions with Mark Endacott have finally resolved recurring problems I have had with my hips and lower back.”, Sue Burton

"Physiotherapy sessions with Mark Endacott have finally resolved recurring problems I have had with my hips and lower back. Before Mark was recommended to me as someone who might be able to provide a different type of Physio, I found I couldnt even walk the children to school some days. Other physio and osteopathic treatments had only provided temporary relief. Mark Endacott has got to the root of the problem and realigned my whole body as well as giving me greater self awareness of my posture so i can maintain it. Im now back to walking daily, I`ve done some cycling and im even looking forward to taking up tennis again shortly which would have been unthinkable before the sessions began. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Mark"

“4 months since my accident I am doing really well, without a thought of any surgery being necessary”, John

The first time I heard an ACL was when mine went "bang". It was rather inconvenient in the middle of Cowes Week so two weeks later I sought some medical advice which included an MRI scan. The consultant explained the technicality of what I had done - this was all new to me and when the discussion went on to a reconstruction surgery I was getting concerned. His best advice was to seek some physio and following a recommendation from a friend I was introduced to Mark Endacott. Fortunately for me Mark had first hand experience of a broken ACL - so now I had someone who understood the problem and someone to discuss it in detail whilst at the same time getting into a series of progressive sessions of therapy. Mark was determined to get me back fit without the need for any surgery. This gave me great confidence and week by week my knee has got better and better. Now 4 months since my accident I am doing really well, without a thought of any surgery being necessary. I am delighted with the treatment I have received and am very happy to recommend Mark to my friends - 'Thanks Mark!'

“my progress and mobility have been excellent”, Janet

I had major problems with both knees for 40 years necessitating several operations many years ago. I recently had a replacement joint fitted to both knees within a 9 month period. Mark helped me through these 2 operations and my progress and mobility have been excellent. My husband intermittently suffers problems with his back and neck. When required in recent years Mark has treated him - he has found that on each occasion the treatment Mark has given has been remarkably effective.

“Thanks for your help Enders/Mark …Highly Recommended!!!”, Richard Wright

After surgery to my knee: Mark’s professional expertise enabled me to overcome my post op pain and swelling and I was soon able to start on the rehabilitation programme we had devised. At the same time Enders/Mark managed to incorporate treatment and rehab to help me overcome a long standing hip problem. So not only did I get back to training in the timeframe I was hoping ...but I was feeling stronger and more flexible than before!

Excellent Physiotherapist, ‘goes the extra mile’, Ruth and Brian Broad

Mark has been helping me with Arthritis in many joints and a very painful foot problem. Acupuncture treatments have enabled me to continue my DIY activities and enjoy my retirement. My wife has a painful arthritic knee. Acupuncture, Ultrasound, Strapping and TENS at home with guidance from Mark has been a great help. We look forward to our appointments as Mark has such a pleasant manner.